Philemon, the shortest book we have in the New Testament, is a straightforward letter inspiring and troubling at the same time. In it, Paul uses all of his considerable powers…

The Joys of Community

July 22, 2018
Why do we seek membership in a church body? Peter's letter reminds us of our joy, and helps to strengthen us when we can't seem to answer it for ourselves.

There is Always a Them

September 5, 2017
We spend so much time creating "thems" to protect "us" that we miss the centrality of Jesus's gospel: that there are no Thems. There are only Us's, and only by…

For the Teachers

August 13, 2017
Our children are always learning. If we do not show them what it means to be the church, what lessons will they draw?

Challenging Comfort

December 7, 2014
Mark sets out showing that old words can be re-heard in new places. He reminds us that we may fulfill the prophecies in Isaiah and draw strength from the God…

Weaned Children of God

February 16, 2014
It's easy to get worn down in churches and non-profits by the pain of details, and not be refreshed in the mission of the church. This same thing happened in…