Vulnerable Possibilities

December 24, 2016
Maybe Jesus is God's way of saying, "no, really, I understand that you're scared and want to be safe. But the world isn't safe, and you need to help and…

Now What? Now We Dance

December 28, 2014
As we celebrate 12 days of Christmas. Sing! We sing in celebration, and feel emotion, and give ourselves the opportunity to let loose. And when's a better time to wear…

Keeping Christmas Well

December 24, 2014
Keeping Christmas well means keeping the lights burning, even after we think there is darkness. Remember, love, and tell stories.

Still Here, In the Wilderness

December 14, 2014
Sometimes the burden of being perfect is a little much. Let's listen to John's words that you need not be the prophet or the king. You can just be there…

Christmas Presence

December 29, 2013
The challenge for us as Christians is to feel the presence of God that we felt on Christmas Eve not only in the Christmas season, but throughout the year. How…

Our Best Selves

December 24, 2013
Jesus's birth story reminds us of our opportunity, every day, to be better than we could be, better than we ought to be, more welcoming, more loving, less afraid. Can…