Speaking Christian (Spring 2018)


Join us for our Wednesday night dinner and study this Lent! We’ll be gathering for a potluck at 6:00 and following with discussion of the book Speaking Christian by Marcus J. Borg. The book takes a look at a number of different ideas and themes in Christianity that we may not clearly talk about, and opens the way to finding new ways of understanding the mystery of faith.

We’ll cover two topics every Wednesday, and incorporate one of them into each Sunday’s sermon. We’ll also be talking about chapters at EmmanuAle in February and in March.

I recommend getting the book; we have ten copies in at Plot Twist on North Ankeny Boulevard (and it’s available at online booksellers). We won’t be covering every chapter of the book, but it’s a handy reference.


Our tentative schedule (all events start at 6:00 pm):

Ash Wednesday February 14-Pancake supper and Ash Wednesday Service

Tuesday, February 20 -EmmanuAle (at Firetrucker), Salvation

Wednesday, February 21– Mercy and Speaking Christian

Wednesday, February 28– The Lord’s Supper and Sin

Wednesday, March 7– Righteousness and Forgiveness and Repentance

Wednesday, March 14– God’s Character and Rapture and the Second Coming

Holy Tuesday, March 20- EmmanuAle: The Only Way

Wednesday, March 21– Beyond Literalism and the Death of Jesus

Maundy Thursday March 29-Soup Dinner and Tenebrae Service (service starts around 6:30)