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FAQ’s for the Ankeny UCC Capital Campaign

Have you seen the flyer? Download it here.

1. Why is the campaign being undertaken now?  Our Church is over 25 years old. At the quarter century mark, big projects need to be undertaken to ensure our congregation is successful for the next 25 (and 50 and 75) years. Several projects are coming due (HVAC and leak) and others have loomed large over the years (mortgage), so this is an ideal time to plan for our future.

2. How have priorities been determined for the Capital Campaign? The idea for the campaign started with failing HVAC systems. Knowing a significant outlay was necessary, the Council charged the Capital Campaign Committee to look at our mission and consider the capital improvements that would lead us into our next 25 years. Members went to all our standing boards to ask what they saw. The committee scheduled one-on-one meetings with members and created surveys seeking to know the ways our church facilities advance our mission how they hold us back. And we asked the kids at intergenerational day camp. The committee took these ideas and needs and developed Seed and Grow Goals.

3. What is the difference between Seed and Grow Goals? Seed Goals are the projects that will help form and support a foundation for our future congregation. These projects are time sensitive and transformative. The goaled amount of $225,000 will be used for these projects. Because we hope to exceed our goal, we have also established Grow Goals. Grow Goals are projects that are also important to our congregation. Additional funds raised during the Capital Campaign will be used for Grow Goal projects.

4. Why is a tithe included in the Capital Campaign budget? Keeping an eye always beyond the walls of the church is not only our obligation as followers of Jesus Christ, but part of our Ankeny UCC identity. Just as we are individually called to tithe from our first fruits, our church is called to tithe of our offerings to the broader church and world. As we have received, so are we called to give. We will be sharing with the broader UCC and global ministries by giving to Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM), and to help build community-based people power here in central Iowa through A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy (AMOS).

5. Why is the Capital Campaign being undertaken separate from the annual stewardship period? The Capital Campaign request is separate from your pledge for the annual operating budget.  Our annual budget covers ordinary operating expenses, but cannot begin to cover large-scale capital improvements.  The Council felt this campaign should be separate to differentiate it and give focused attention to current and future needs of our facility now and in the future.

6. When does the Capital Campaign pledge begin?  When will it be completed? The Capital Campaign formal launch will be at the Advent Festival on December 2. Pledges will begin being accepted then. We hope to have all pledges returned by Epiphany, January 6.

7. How long is the pledge time period?  Your pledge can be paid over a 1, 2, or 3-year period.  You decide both the amount and timing of your pledge. We’ll use that schedule to determine when we can start our projects.

8. Why should we develop our sprawling church yard into a natural prairie? Envision our Sunday School classes studying God’s creation along a winding Iowa prairie path, or visitors to the playground enjoying the plants and birds a prairie would provide, or our community seeing our church land as an interactive educational experience. Now imagine our trustees saving hundreds of hours and resources not having to mow our big grass yard! We can imagine a lot of things and if you can too, you are welcome and encouraged to join the Prairie Project committee.  Talk to Sara Lockie if you are interested!

9. Why do we need new bathrooms? Ladies, have you found yourself stuck or even unable to get into the first stall?  Kids, can you reach the soap dispenser? Gentlemen, ever look up to see you have an accidental audience in the hall? This bathroom renovation will give our members and building guests private, clean, functional and gender neutral restroom availability.  We will be converting from two fixed use rooms to four individualized and functional rooms. The toilets need replacing, the plumbing is there, now let’s make the best use of our space!

10. How do I get answers to any questions? This document! And, the committee members will be available for conversation and questions throughout the campaign. Members include: Bruce Beckwith, Jenn Howieson, Sara Lockie, Noah Tabor and Pastor Nathan. You can also email  [email protected].