Open Your Mouths

April 5, 2015
Mark's story of resurrection ends with fear, silence, and amazement. Can we relate to that feeling in our own lives? The story of resurrection is left for us to tell…

Running to Resurrection

April 20, 2014
Bible Text: John 20:1-18 | Preacher: Nathan Willard Mary, Peter and the Beloved Disciple all run to the resurrection. What compels us to rush out and do the work we need to do in the world? What compels us to run beyond our endurance? What do we need to do to live the resurrection?

The Pain of Resurrection

April 6, 2014
Bible Text: John 11:1-45 | Preacher: Nathan Willard Mary and Martha suffered from the shock of Jesus's seeming failure to save their brother Lazarus. How do they handle the loss? Do we see ourselves in their reactions? We experience sorrow at both the physical loss of our loved ones and at the loss of the person we once knew but who no longer is. What does resurrection look like for those people? We do not know what Lazarus's resurrected life looked like, but we know that there was a resurrection. Can we accept the resurrections in our own lives?