Feet or Feet

June 24, 2018
Sometimes we miss the true, messy meaning of phrases because of code words. In Ruth, we encounter any number of double-entendres that can inspire a variety of readings. But the…

People Make Me Anxious

August 30, 2017
Asking questions is scary. Talking to people about something hurtful we felt because of their actions is scary. It's often easier to write them off as terrible or listen to…
Bible Text: Exodus 1:8-2:10 | Preacher: Nathan Willard | Series: Patriarchs After Joseph's Pharaoh dies, the Hebrews are left vulnerable to the growing paranoia of the new Pharaoh. The inability to recognize the realties and listen to dissent leads Pharaoh to overlook the quiet resistance his daughter offers in her decision to shelter Moses in his house. Where do we unintentionally block out dissent, or fear that our voices aren't going to be heard? As a church family, how do we live with dissent and disagreement while still moving in the direction that Jesus leads us? Preached August 24, 2014 by Rev. Nathan Willard in Ankeny UCC
Bible Text: Genesis 28:10-19a | Preacher: Nathan Willard | Series: Patriarchs What makes a place sacred? We tell stories to explain the importance of certain places in our lives. But we, too, have the ability to make places sacred, especially for refugees like Jacob, far from home, faced only with the welcome of stones.