April 26, 2015

The Goats Beyond the Pen

Passage: John 10:11-18
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The third in a sermon series on our church identity, today Exploring Progressive Christian Theology.

In Jesus's message on the Good Shepherd, he reminds us that the good shepherd does not leave sheep to the mercy of the wolves. We are challenged to protect all of God's people, God's sheep. But sometimes, when searching for a sheep, we'll find a goat. Progressive Christian Theology is all about incorporating these unexpected, smelly, messy goats and reconciling them with our picture of the kingdom, whether they are historical understandings of the Bible that suggest things didn't always happen the way they are mentioned, whether they are things in our lives that demand discussion in God's context, or whether they are strangers we never expected to need or be needed by.

The image referenced, Shepherd with a Large Goat, can be found here: http://artgallery.yale.edu/collections/objects/50386

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