Sing Praise
August 16, 2015

Sing Praise

Passage: Ephesians 5:15-20
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Painting: Saint Sophia the Almighty Wisdom by Nicholas Roerich

There is a reason movements have anthems. In Ephesians, we are told that, because we live in evil times, we should open ourselves up to the Spirit and act wisely, filling ourselves up not with wine to the point of drunkenness, but instead with the energy that came down on Pentecost (and was mistaken for drunkenness). In our lives, we face choices every day about what our salvation looks like, and how we want to build our kingdom of God. Perhaps, when we are feeling low, or when we are feeling anxious, or when we are seeing the worst in other people instead of the best, we should sing hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs.