Christmas 2015

We have many wonderful things happening during the Advent and Christmas season this year! You’re invited as we celebrate:


November 29: 10:30am Greening the Sanctuary Service

It’s time to redecorate and remind ourselves that great light comes in the midst of winter’s dark.

December 6: 11:30am Soup potluck and Advent Craft Workshop

We’ll have ornaments to make, cookies to decorate, nativity scenes buildable by the smallest hands, and a wreathmaking seminar! As well as lots of soup to fortify ourselves against December.

December 20: 10:30am Children’s Service (pageant of the Version Births)

Did you ever notice that there are two different Christmas stories in the Bible? Which one do you use?

December 20: 11:30am Jesus’s Birthday Party lunch

Let’s have a party for all our families and friends and celebrate Jesus’s birth with roasts, potatoes, salad and cupcakes. Suggested offering of $5, but no worries if that’s an issue for you

December 20: 5:00pm Ankeny UCC Service of the Longest Night

In the midst of joy and celebration, we sometimes also feel the grief and shadows of people who are no longer with us and memories that no longer seem relevant. Come together and grieve with us in our candlelight quiet service.

December 24: 6:30pm Candlelight Lessons and Carols

We’ll read stories from the Bible, sing carols, and enjoy lots of special music.

December 27: 10:30am Hymn Sing Sunday Service

There are so many Christmas carols, and so little time. Join us as we sing more on the first Sunday of Christmas.