Ankeny UCC is Looking at God’s Promises

Greetings in Christ-


That’s how much we grossed on the Hog Roast this year. Expenses will bring that down somewhat, but still, great job! That money will go to supporting Doctors Without Borders around the world (Vicki tells me Nicholas is being sent to Nigeria, where there are a lot of nutrition and food issues due to Boko Haram) and supplemental food throughout Iowa. Great job inviting the community in, celebrating together, and baking pies.

We started off our Bible story in worship Sunday with creation, and the ways that Adam and Eve’s shame and fear caused them to separated themselves from God, and God’s loving kindness to them even when their actions forced them to understand the complicated world. We’re skipping over some important things in the Bible, like what happens to Adam and Eve’s kids, and then the great flood that changed everything and gave humanity a fresh start with Noah and his menagerie (also the giants. We missed the giants). But that recreation brings us to the ancestral founders of our faiths, what we call the ancient patriarchs and matriarchs, Abraham and Sarah (or, at this point in our story, Abram and Sarai). Abram is called by God to drop his belongings, leave his father’s house, and follow God. He and Sarai do that, relying on God’s blessings and promises. And they grow rich, but old, and start to wonder whether their journeys and lines will end with them. In this week’s passages, we’re told of the specific promise of God, in an incredible way, but also warned that sometimes it takes a long time and a lot of struggle for a promise to be fulfilled. Have you ever experienced that kind of a struggle?