Telling Our Stories (again)

The reviews are in of our experiment in sharing the “story of me” with one other person in worship!

“Not as bad as I expected”

“This was really good”

“I learned a lot about what was behind the image that I had of my person”

“I’m not coming to church for the next two weeks”

As part of our sermon series “Telling Our Stories,” we are looking at how different prophets inspired God’s people to action in different places and different times. They frequently started with their own biographies, then moved on to what bound the congregation together. In Exodus, God provides the model, reminding the people who God was, what God did for God’s people, and then what that meant they should do in the future. Sharing of ourselves, and thinking about who we are and want to be is the foundation for understanding where God is calling us to go. This week, we’ll share with another person who the “us” is we think of when we think of Ankeny UCC.

AAAAAANDDDDD, we’ll have a litany of blessing for backpacks and lesson plans! It’s back to school week in Ankeny, and we’re going to celebrate in worship and with hot dogs, sloppy joes, and any sides or desserts you want to bring! Bring your backpacks, your lesson plans, your signs of school. And as we do bring backpacks, let’s not forget the supplemental food backpacks that go home with kids on the weekends as we look forward to our 3rd annual Hog Roast September 9!