We’ve been having a great time at Vacation Bible School. Last night, we learned about the fulfilment of God’s promises, whether to Sarah and Abraham or to Pinocchio! Tonight, we’re thinking about what happens when the lion lays down with the lamb.
We’ve had some great big helpers all week, including Elle and Joey Street, Annette Hong, Joan Moore, Misty DeReus, Kayleen Conter, Ellie Fulton, Tami Fulton, Jen Street, Peter Hong, Jenn Howieson, Beth Yale, and our kitchen gang, Clarice Beckwith, Laura Beckwith, Laura Rinehart, Peggy Colton, Rich Pleva, and Judy Hines. Thanks, too, to all the people who brought food (and to Peter and Annette, for handling the cooking on Monday). It’s been busy, it’s been chaotic, but it’s been fun and rewarding.

If you want to learn a little bit about what we did, join us in worship on Sunday morning, when all our participants will be invited to join us in worship to sing a song and share a lesson!

Sunday School starts September 11, just after the 3rd Annual Ankeny UCC Hog Roast on September 9!