Ankeny UCC is Excelling in Love

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

I am, at this moment, somewhere between Des Moines and Detroit. But neither rain nor sleet, nor fraternal conferences, will keep us from our weekly updates.

And we’ve got some updates. Just look to your right at the hymn list for this week. Songs about creation. Songs about Jesus. Songs of Thanksgiving. A Charles Wesley song about love.
And then we’ve got scripture about God’s promises to us. Looking at this list, I know I’ve left you in good hands. Because it is a time to remind ourselves of our solid ground. Of the love that is the foundation of the new realm we are building together on this earth. Of the vision of working together, clothed in God’s love, to bring justice to the oppressed, food to the hungry, and clothing to the naked, shining God’s light in the darkness, and dispelling shadows rather than feeding them.

And that building starts with one block, and continues with another. Know any kids who might want some company, a family meal, some songs and games and, oh yeah, some stories about God’s people around the earth? We’re once again joining with our partners at St. Anne’s and Ankeny Christian for Vacation Bible School, August 7-11: .

PS: Kayleen and I had the pleasure of handing over some of our bounty to a family that came to the church wondering if they could harvest from our garden (of course we said YES!), before I dropped off 25-30 pounds of additional food to DMARC yesterday. Let’s keep it going!