Ankeny UCC is singing Hymns, Psalms, and Spiritual Songs

Welcome to the last week of Worship 101! We’ve gone through our openings, our offerings, our scriptures, and now we turn to our songs. Why is it that we have a hymnal. Why do we sing hymns? Why do we choose the hymns that we do? Come and find out this Sunday. As part of our celebration, too, we’re looking to make a big poster for DMARC this Sunday, so bring pictures and drawings of food, and get ready to decorate!

And let’s not forget that Vacation Bible School is coming right up! We are very excited about our 1 God Many Games VBS this year, using the Olympics as a way to learn about God’s people all over the world! August 7-11, age 4 through Grade 5, and, as always, free. We encourage you to pre-register at . And invite your friends!

I’ll be off next Wednesday-Sunday in Bowling Green for Sigma Chi’s annual Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, so I’d appreciate your prayers for both me and for the 1800 or so other people who will be with me as part of their journey and as the fraternity struggles with its historical and current role in promoting sexism, hazing, and racism. We’re at a turning point where we must live into our ideals as an institution believing that people with different talents, temperments, and convictions sharing a common belief in an ideal can live into those ideals, rather than leaving them at the party’s door, and change is hard.