Acknowledging Truths

A belief that is unspoken is incomplete, and a belief that is well spoken becomes a power for life and action. –Roger L. Shinn, Confessing Our Faith

The end of June is upon us! And it’s…cooling down? Martha, Teddy, and I are at home this week while Beth is giving a talk in New York, and so my thoughts turned to acknowledging uncomfortable truths (like the truth that they’ll all be in Berlin this fall without me–just bought the tickets).

Confession is a word that means, at its heart, acknowledgement. In the church, we use it to acknowledge two truths: first, that we sometimes fail to be our best selves, and end up neglecting God, our neighbors, and ourselves. And second, to acknowledge that we believe things. Some of you grew up in churches where creeds or statements of faith were recited every week. We don’t do that every week, acknowledging the truth that we believe different things. But that is a confession, too. Our worship is a place for acknowledging truths. This week, we’ll talk in the sermon about why we would want to do that, and how.

Our Church Renewal 1.0 class team has thoughts about that, too. In response to our understanding of the truth that Ankeny UCC must change to thrive in this place, we’re going on worship field trips to see how different places worship.

This weekend, we’re going to two different ends of the spectrum. We’ll see how Holy Trinity Lutheran Church does their version of a minimalist Saturday even service at 5:30 Saturday. On Sunday, we’ll journey down to the Mickle Center in Des Moines to worship with Downtown Disciples, a new Disciples of Christ church doing progressive urban ministry and worshiping around tables at 5:00pm on Sunday. Want to join us? Talk to me, Nancy Pingel, or Annette Hong.