Blessings on this first Wednesday of summer. The days are getting shorter, July fast approaches, and we continue with Worship 101 on Sunday mornings.

This week’s sermon focuses on one of the actions we take during worship every week: the Offering. As we’ve talked about before, the offering is, in our worship, a response to God’s word. We talk in October about stewardship and giving, and the importance of pledging to the church and ourselves as a way to prioritize the mission of the church in our finances, budget our annual giving, and be held accountable to it.

But the plate in worship is another aspect of this giving. It’s a tangible act. A way for us to see all of our money come together just as we see our hands work together to support the church. It’s also a reminder of the days of the Temple (and in rural churches here in America), when we brought the things we produced in as offerings to God. The offering is another point of connection between us and God, a way of showing that we have received and hear the call to give. And we get to do it every week.