February 1 Pastor’s Letter

February 1, 2016

Greetings, our siblings in Christ!

This year, the season of Lent begins early—February 10. This is great news. For me, at least, February is always the hardest month of the year. Winter slogs on, each snow and subzero day becomes a little more dispiriting, and I just don’t want to leave the house. But in Lent, we are called to contemplate our calling to God as Jesus did in the wilderness. We are called to try something new, and bring a new structure or discipline to our lives. Last year, we read through the book of Lamentations together, and reflected upon it in worship. This year, as we march through the book of Mark in the Narrative lectionary, let us focus on that story in daily readings, weekly Bible studies, and Sunday worship. Our Wednesday night studies are back for Lent, with Medea leading the younger members of our church family in Markan work after we break from dinner to go through our passages for the week and live into them.

We’ll also be offering some worship changes to the beginning of worship as a Lenten discipline. They’ll be minor, but enough to change the feel. We’re moving the Prelude before the welcome, so that our first act of worship together will be to join together in singing praise to God, after which we will invoke God’s name and presence in our call to worship. Our announcements will fall to the end of worship, as we are commissioned to go out into the world and share God’s presence with others. The worship committee may also have one or two other changes for special Sundays in Lent as we explore different ways to bring our congregation closer to God and live out Jesus’s command to make disciples.

Do you have a favorite Lenten discipline? Share it with us!

Pastor Nathan