Martin Luther King, Jr

As we have been reading through the Bible stories in Mark’s Gospel, I’ve been thinking about what Jesus might imagine his ministry to be. So far, he’s been preaching, and healing, but also seeking out people who might have been forgotten, judged, or otherwise left out. In the week before the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, I think, too, of what Dr. King’s public ministry was like. He gained fame preaching for civil rights, but also saw injustice in the fighting of the Vietnam war and in the exploitation of workers (he was assassinated when in Memphis for a sanitation workers’ strike). He was always trying to find the place pain was, and bring the gospel there with him.

And that’s why this country has developed a new tradition, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. Next Monday, my family will be at Community Youth Concepts in Des Moines, which is hosting activities to help neighbors and folks in Children’s Hospital. If you want information on it, you can find it here. We hope to meet some people in the next town over, just like Jesus did, and maybe find out what draws them out into the community, too.

We’re planning a music-themed theology on tap for tuesday night (come! Even if you don’t come usually. Have tacos. Talk about hymnals. Maybe even sneak into some songs, if you’re so inclined), but if you find a place to serve and want to talk about it, too, bring your stories.