April 2015 Newsletter

Happy Easter!


We are in the Easter season for all of April! But our Easter worship on Sunday was fabulous. Thanks to all the people who helped set up for our breakfast and decorated all the tables. Thanks to all the Deacons and their helpers who dressed the altar, and thanks to all who worked hard hiding eggs. We really started on the right note and celebrated well.
We want to continue that celebration throughout the Easter season and beyond, so we’re making a couple of changes to worship planning to make it easier for everyone to sing loudly and energetically. I was really touched when, at the end of Lent, I heard Martha singing our hymn of reflection, “Prepare the Way of the Lord.” I talked with the worship committee about changing up the music a little bit, and we’re excited to share with you the results of our discussions.


I always choose hymns to match the worship theme of the day, but the list of hymns appropriate both to a week’s text and upbeat/easily sung to open worship tends to be small. So to set the tone, we’ll have an opening hymn of the month (This month: To You Be the Glory). Because of the sense of worshipfulness and focus that “Prepare the Way of the Lord” brought during Lent, we will continue with that, using it to center ourselves before our Prayers of the People. Finally, we’d hoped to introduce the congregation to new hymns through different responses to benedictions at the end of the service, but it never quite worked like we’d hoped. So we’ll close with a seasonal hymn of departure.


I love to hear us singing! Alleluia!


Enjoy our April Newsletter!