All Baptists Together

January 18, 2015
Jesus's baptism showed us how the Holy Spirit can come upon any one of us. The life of Martin Luther King, Jr. reminds us that the Holy Spirit's presence makes…

The Great I Am

August 31, 2014
Bible Text: Exodus 3:1-15 | Preacher: Nathan Willard | Series: Patriarchs We often question who we are to demand change and fight injustice. Moses wondered, too, and God reminded him that he was the loved child of the Great I Am, who was and is and ever will be.

What Kind Love

February 2, 2014
Bible Text: Micah 6:1-8 | Preacher: Nathan Willard How can we keep ourselves connected to one another, understanding how to be kind to those who are suffering, to see love in action? What lessons do Micah's attacks on the exploiting class offer to us today?