The Table

August 5, 2018
We practice an open table in Ankeny UCC, meaning, all are welcome to take communion. Why do we do that, when Paul seems to argue that we need to have…

From the mouths of….

July 29, 2018
Sometimes, our focus keeps us from seeing the absurdity of the situation and asking what's going on. When faced with a donkey asking us why we hit it, let's take…

The Joys of Community

July 22, 2018
Why do we seek membership in a church body? Peter's letter reminds us of our joy, and helps to strengthen us when we can't seem to answer it for ourselves.

Feet or Feet

June 24, 2018
Sometimes we miss the true, messy meaning of phrases because of code words. In Ruth, we encounter any number of double-entendres that can inspire a variety of readings. But the…

How Alone?

June 3, 2018
The Bible lifts up the story of refugees, of immigrants, of foreigners who reveal God to us. The story of Ruth and Naomi gets at the question of care. Who…